I am…post-employed. But also pre-employed (I hope!).

I have worked consistently since age 16. I love working. I have been in a bit of a panic.

But last week I spent some time with another unemployed non-working pal, and her casual attitude was both surprising and comforting.

“I’m in no hurry. We’re not going to not-work forever. And once we start, we’ll probably be working until we’re seventy. Are you broke? No? Chill.”

This friend was not waking up at noon, eating a box of Pop Tarts, and then torrenting episodes of Peep Show until her boyfriend came home and asked her what she’d done all day. She was not overcome by the frozen humiliation of being jobless. She was applying to jobs that piqued her interest, but not every Admin Assistant posting in Richmond Hill that came up.

She spent a lot of time watching webinars on, acquiring basic competency in a bunch of different softwares and being a totally productive human being.



That pug is pretty cute, but it doesn’t look ready to be a killer librarian, does it?

The lesson: Do something useful every day. Cultivate joyful integrity. This too shall pass, and I may even be sorry for it.

Photos by ptooeycell105.

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