Baking adventure

I always use a mix. I like the taste, and I tend towards laziness in the kitchen. But a combination of too much pinterest browsing and not really working led me to bake a scaled-down rainbow cake from scratch for the first time yesterday:

Do I look like a loon or what? I was pretty excited – from scratch! Domestic goddess! Homemaker extrodinaire!

I used this recipe, and followed it very closely, but the cake was too dense. No idea where the error was. Taste aside – good colours! I would like to do a halloween version (chocolate, orange, yellow), some pink/purple combination for certain small people in my life, and definitely a Christmas red and green- maybe with crushed candy cane on top (although beware – those go gelatinous if they sit in the icing too long!)

(You thought this was going to be a librarian blog, huh? Oops, me too.)

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