This is pretty dull, huh?

Dear Readers (if there are any),

This blog is pretty boring, eh? I intended it to be about professionalism, about the job hunt, about what I saw in librarianship, but instead it’s been about business cards and baking…and I may throw in a book review soon.

It’s just – I haven’t had any professional activities (sigh)…and I haven’t really been job hunting either since I was unofficially offerred a job a couple of weeks ago, and officially so last week. Today is my last day of unemployment until, unless things go horribly wrong, March 2014.

This is the real deal: a desk, a salary, and a long list of responsibilities. I am so, so ready for this. The job involves academic libraries, teaching, and customer service; it is exactly what I wanted, and I believe I will do it well. When I wrote the cover letter I didn’t feel the need to stretch any of my experience to fit their list of qualifications.

I hope I’ll be able to share my work here, but the okay-ness of that will obviously take some time to figure out.  For now, I will peruse thoughtful blogs I’ve been neglecting lately, hoping to find lift-able ideas.


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