ACRL 2013 Notes

The Association of College & Research Libraries conference happened last week in Indianapolis. That town is a leeeetle dull, but luckily the conference itself was great (and kept very long hours).

As the cliche goes, the people I met (many from OCUL!) were the highlight of the conference (did you know that Hampshire College has a Critical Social Inquiry Librarian? She is awesome.) The program itself was excellent.  Most of the sessions I attended were on some combination of information literacy and scholarly communication, and my notes are here

I didn’t realize how public-service focussed ACRL was. There was very little on e-resources, licensing, or library tech. Our own session, meant to showcase ‘technology-related innovation in the library‘ felt not-quite-properly pitched to the audience, though I think it went well:


I did manage to spend a couple of hours at THATCamp, the Humanaties and Technology unconference full-day extravaganza. In the afternoon my group wrote a short pitch document on why faculty should be interested in undergraduate publishing.  One group put together a Digital Humanities eBook in an hour. Another  spent all day working on an information literacy MOOC (not sure where the notes on that are). It was a very productive format.

(OCUL: this must happen here.)

And now here’s a picture of chicken and waffles. Love u, America.

Chicken and waffles


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