You’re going to submit to OLA Superconference, right?

Soooooo. I am the co-planner for OLA Superconference 2014‘s technology division, OLITA ,and I would really like you to submit a proposal. Yes, you, gentle librarian, who’s all “I don’t know anything techy!” or “wahh I work in a very specific type of library!”

Here is the call for proposals. We’re interested in presentations on tech-in-the-library quite broadly. Are you repurposing software? Wading into text mining? Teaching your users to print in 3D? Enhancing your distance ed support? Work at a university? College? Public library? Hospital library? Special library (solo librarians, I know you’re doing something cool)? We want your talks!

Look over the call, then send me an email if you have any questions about how your brilliant idea might fit into Superconference. Don’t worry about the 75 minute session blocks. We can pair you up, no problem.

I’m pretty sure this is the biggest library conference in Canada. It’s big! And Toronto is fun! Yup, even in February.

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