Want to be a volunteer librarian for the PanAm Games? (urgh)

Yesterday my friend Makeda, another fine Toronto librarian, pointed me to this ‘hilarious’ (not) posting for the PanAm Games


Here’s the logo for the PanAm Games that I definitely don’t have permission to use!

Yes, they are looking for a volunteer Digital Asset Librarian to “manage and maintain TO2015’s digital media library.”

Don’t worry…a library degree is not required (or even mentioned!).

Key responsibilities:  manage discovery and collection of all TO2015 digital media assets, assign and maintain metadata architecture, develop digital workflows, other responsibilities as assigned. Ability to speak French and Spanish desired. And lots of other things too.

Wow, it sounds like a job you’d want a librarian doing.

I live with a digital asset librarian.  His job is one that requires a lot of thoughtfulness, a lot of consultation, and a lot of patient teaching. Surprise! Good metadata is not something that’s widely appreciated, though the end results (hey, you can totally find what you need!) usually is. His job is a lot of work…for instance, a full time job (you can read about it here). The fact that he is paid and will stay in this position for the foreseeable future is a really good thing for the organization.

No hours or length of this ‘contract’ are specified…but with that list of responsibilities this can’t be a quick gig. This person is not tagging and uploading content under the supervision of a librarian à la everyone’s library school practicum ever. This poor librarian-of-a-sort will be will be reporting directly to the Director of Communications Operations. 

Does the PanAm games actually care at all about maintaining a digital asset library? It doesn’t seem like it, so why are they posting for this position? Who are they imagining will apply for this ‘job’ and then stick it out?

This is so obnoxious. My urge towards rhetorical flourish makes me want to add words like infuriating, offensive, disgusting, ridiculous etc., but I really don’t want to waste any more time thinking about this/possibly having to justify my hyperbole.

PS Makeda has also pointed out that while PanAm videographers and photographers are also volunteer positions, the mascots will be paid. Good thing the job also requires a sense of humour. 

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