To Lincoln! Digital Humanities 2013

I am heading to Nebraska tomorrow for the 2013 Digital Humanities conference (#DH2013). When I asked permission to go, I was full of nerves–a lot of the program seems over my head or slightly outside my area of knowledge. A number of people have told me these are the best kinds of conferences to go to, and I believe it. Still, it’s a bit scary, so I’m carefully plotting where I’ll be.

This is also some kind of promise about writing up these sessions too, though I suspect a combo of evening email catch up and the siren song of the Nebraska nightlife may keep me from too much conference writing (how do people do so much of that?!)

Anyway, if you’re interested in any of these things, please ask me! (full program here, edit: there are abstracts available from a link at the top).

In between and after these sessions I am hoping to rent a bike from the UNL Campus Recreation Centre and eat my way through the downtown, forecast (32, humid, thunderstorming daily) be damned.

Wednesday, July 17:

8:30 AM – Short Papers

  • The Full-Spectrum Text-Analysis Spreadsheet
  • This is Not a Novel: Experimental Literature as Prototype
  • Fine-tuning Stylometric Tools: Investigating Authorship and Genre in French Classical Theater
  • Are Google’s Linguistic Prosthesis Biased Towards Commercially More Interesting Expressions?
  • Digitizing Seralized Fiction

10:30 AM – Long Papers

  • Uncovering reprinting Networks in Nineteenth Century American Newspapers
  • Literary Geography at Corpus Scale
  • Practical Interoperability: The Map of Early Modern London and the Internet Shakespeare Editions

1:30 – Panel Discussion – The Future of Undergraduate Digital Humanities

3:30 – Posters!

Thursday, July 18

8:30 AM –  Short Papers

  • Toward a Noisier Digital Humanities
  • Linked Data for Music Collections: A User-Centric Approach
  • Schooling the Scholar, Poaching the Fan: Fanic Intellectual Production and Digital Humanities Methods
  • Robots Watching Television: Algorithmic Approaches to Multimedia Analysis in the Humanities

10:30 AM – Long Papers

  • 4Humanities: Designing Digital Advocacy
  • ‘State of the Art’: Negotiating a National Standards-approved Digital Humanities Curriculum
  • From Anecdote to Data: Humanities Scholars Beyond the Tenure Track

1:30 PM – Short Papers

  • Combining Tailor-Made Research Solutions with Big Infrastructures: The Speaking Map of the Netherlands
  • CULTURA: Supporting Professional Humanities Researchers
  • Beyond the Scanned Image: A Nees Assessment of Faculty Users of Digital Collections
  • An Environment to Support User-Structured Digital Humanities Sources
  • Mapping DH Through Heterogeneous Communicative Practices

Friday, July 19

8:30 AM – Short Papers

  • Introducing Anvil Academic: Developing Publishing Models for the Digital Humanities
  • eBook as Ecosystem of Digital Scholarship
  • Joint and Multi-Authored Publication Patterns in the Digital Humanities
  • Reading Habits & Attitudes in the Digital Environment: A Study on Dhaka University Students
  • Identifying the Real-Time Impact of the Digital Humanities Using Social Media Measures

10:30 AM – Panel Discussion: Excavating Feminism: Digital Humanities and Feminist Scholarship

1:30 PM – Long papers

  • Open Notebook Humanities: Promise and Problems
  • eResearch Tools to Support the Collaborative Authoring and Management of Electronic Scholarly Editions
  • Beyond Infrastructure: Modelling Scholarly Research and Collaboration

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