OLA Super Conference CFP – OLITA stream!

I’m the co-planner for the Library Info Tech stream of the OLA Super Conference. This means I get to read all of the proposals that come in and work to craft a program that’s useful, broadly applicable, and genuinely fun.

This year’s theme is “Think It. Do It!” I am mostly really in to this theme. Despite appearances to the contrary, I’m kind of a productivity app-n-tool junkie. I like big ideas and tiny, broken-down tasks, but often struggle with turning the former into the latter. Attempts to articulate even very basic ways to do this are appreciated.

But the “it just takes hard work!” thread of the theme gives me pause. It’s an attitude that dismisses many of the reasons that certain groups move ‘from thinking to doing’ more easily than others. I am thinking about #LibTechGender as one important piece of this conversation, and about Mozilla’s Ascend Project as another. So: a critical look at ‘just do it’ will also be a welcome part of the conference.

All that is to say: you should really, really submit a proposal! Feel free to email myeself (jacqueline at scholarsportal dot info) and/or my co-planner (Stephanie dot Orfano at uoit dot ca) to bounce around ideas in the next few weeks!

We interpret the “LIT” of OLITA pretty broadlyprobably all of you are using many types of technology every day!but we’d also like to take on some very tech-y sessions that we know will draw smaller (but more keenly interested) audiences.

Below is a long, but by no means exhaustive, list of topics that would probably fit well in to the OLITA stream. Again, feel free to get in touch if you’d like to talk about your proposal before the submission deadline (which is May 16, but I’m on vacation as of May 14, so please do so before then!)

Types of Sessions:

We are looking for both 40 and 90 minute sessions from all types of libraries and all kinds of staff. Shorter sessions will usually be more traditional presentations, while longer sessions will be for in-depth exploration of a topic, or for presentations with highly interactive components. Poster proposals are happening at the same time as regular session proposals, so if you have an idea that would lend itself to visualization, please consider submitting a poster!

  • Big data and open data
  • Linked data and the semantic web
  • Digitization workflows, systems, and challenges
  • Research data management workflows, systems, and challenges
  • Electronic records/digital asset management, retention, and preservation
  • Open source development
  • Digital humanities scholarship and text mining
  • Data visualization
  • Digital citizenship
  • Computational thinking
  • User experience testing
  • Privacy & security in information systems (ILSs, chat solutions, etc.)
  • Maker culture and hackerspaces
  • Wearable computing
  • Teaching with technology/teaching technical literacy
  • Programming for all ages
  • Evaluating and assessing technology
  • Peer-to-peer training
  • Cheap or free software for library tasks
  • Tools for productivity
  • Making videos
  • Online education/e-Learning
  • Web analytics/evaluating your web content

As well as:

digital forensics; web and mobile app development; altmetrics; data curation; social media and communications; electronic, online, and open access publishing; discovery layers and universal resource managers; responsive or accessible web design; gaming in the library and gaming in teaching; GIS and mapping; cloud computing and storage; online collaboration; tech lending.

Submit your proposal here. The submission deadline is May 16th


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