Blogging What I Do, Day 2

Yesterday was too meeting-heavy to be worth reporting on, but I thought I’d step back in to this today. Exercising the writing muscle and all that.

8:20 AM – Into the office. A back-up I started last night and had no faith in seems to have worked! This feels like a miracle. Other emails about mysterious blank screen and proxy issues will have to wait til I’ve had a coffee.

9:30 AM – It’s time to start drafting an email. A big, serious email that needs to be sent to a lot of people. They don’t tell you in library school how much time will be taken up with considering tone and audience, that writing an email can be a long process involving many people, that it’s a learned skill.

10:30 AM – I got into a fight on Twitter. I cannot resist the siren song of terrible opinions on the internet, so my best bet is to avoid anywhere that such opinions might appear. This one was civil, and I’m still so disappointed in myself for engaging. His Twitter bio says he works for Sun News! What did you think was going to happen, woman?

11:00 AM – Back to the email. It’s taking shape and I’m going to send it off for a first round of consultation soon.

12:00 PM – Roles can be a bit loose at my place of work, and this is usually a-ok: we’re a help-y bunch, and people very willingly adjust their priorities if something needs to get done. Today, an actual, semi-formal discussion on who’s in charge of what was much needed. I think we’re in a good spot.

12:30 PM – Falafel at my desk. Email. Software updates.

1:30 PM – Skype call to discuss being more involved with the Public Knowledge Project’s PKP School. First an internal briefing (“Okay, what questions do we have?”), then a chat with the folks at PKP to sort our what our next steps should be as we work on a module.

3:00 PM – Ref Desk! It’s pretty quiet, so between questions about the printers and course reserves I’m sending some last minute OLA Super Conference planning emails (gotta keep those abstracts peppy!), and a bit of 10 Days of Twitter reading.

5:00 PM – Back at my own desk. Remember that back up I was so excited about this morning? It’s a lemon. I should have checked the file size before getting excited, but I’m so used to getting error messages that having a file delivered felt like a win. Welp, not if it’s empty. Email for help.

5:15 PM – I have a choir practice at 7:30 and a book review that will not get written if I go home and get at all comfortable, so I’m off to find a table that will hold both purchased sustenance and my mangy notebook. Good evening!

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