Blogging What I Do, Day 3

8:30 AM – Into the office.  I have an OLA Hackfest planning call at 9:30 and haven’t done much thinking about what needs doing, so I’m trying to take some notes while deleting the dozens of spam messages that seem to get through the filters between midnight and 6 AM. I also took a minute a couple of minutes to donate to the Women in Toronto Politics (#WiTOpoli) Position Primer for the 2015 municipal election. It’s a great idea, and you too can support it right here!

9:10 AM – Drop everything to watch John Fink’s presentation feed from #c4lmw. Still trying to wrap my head around Docker. This helped a lot!

9:30 AM – Good, quick call. How can we make this a welcoming space for people of different abilities and from different organizations? Figured out some timelines, assigned a few to-dos before our next call.

10:00 AM – Troubleshooting PDFs that look funny, citation managers that crash, proxies that won’t re-direct.  Hours disappear with this kind of stuff.

11:30 AM – I got really good, thorough feedback on a document I drafted earlier this week; feedback on tone, on ordering of different messages, and on making sure to reference earlier communications so people would understand the progression of our thinking.

1:00 PM – Burrito hunting expedition.

2:00 PM  – Editing, wordsmithing, formatting.

3:00 PM – Pulling citation manager usage stats for a university. They want, as many do, to be able to see a list of users by discipline or user type. As users self-identify with this info on sign-up, there is the fairly natural assumption on the part of administrators that you will then be able to actually USE this data. The very sophisticated and expensive software being used for this purpose doesn’t have the ability to do that. (I should add my place of work did not choose this software!)

4:15 PM – Fading fast. Adding items to my to-do list for tomorrow, a somewhat useful form of procrastination.

4:30 PM – Just got a note to say our LibAnswers 2.0 beta site is ready. Oooooh! But nope, I am out of here. Fridays are for beta testing, everyone knows that.

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