Blogging What I Do, Day 4

8:30 AM – Into the office, and deleting as much email as possible. A lot came in overnight and a lot of it is spam or listservs I’m not really active in. I get overwhelmed if there are too many open-ended unread messages waiting for me. The truth is, I probably won’t get to them.

9:00 AM – Weird, long copyright question about moving a user’s citation & attachments between schools and jurisdictions. I understand monolithic library company’s desire to be cautious, but as this is the user’s private collection of research materials, I think we’re okay. If said user had the technical capacity to move it on their own, no one would be involved or the wiser. If said user had chosen to print out these materials and carry a box of files between institutions, there wouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately, it’s all digital, and it’s a lot of data, and we need technical reinforcement from an organization that is only interested in playing it safe.

10:30 AM – Going back and forth on a document, mostly just polishing at this point. Sometimes we have to start writing something before we’re sure who the audience will be. But of course, you must write assuming some audience, so the final stages of editing usually mean making sure we haven’t made any assumptions that are inaccurate: has the recipient been privy to previous communications in the same vein? Are they in a position to make the decisions we’re asking them to consider?

1:45 PM – I have been troubleshooting a couple of different issues for hours in between other emails. Part of the problem was that I read the initial email too breezily (a terrible idea for technical stuff! The tiny details are always where the problem lies!), but we’ve moved well past that and I’m still stuck.

2:00 PM – Brainstorming meeting. We need a name for a new project. A lot of not-good ideas were thrown out, but we’ve got a pretty good short list. I got to write on a chalk board for the first time in a many, many year.


(Attempted) renderings of a ‘busy bee,’ a canoe, and a backpack.

4:00 PM – Still troubleshooting. I am now 90% sure the problem is just Capslock on a tablet. Headdesk.

4:40 PM – My choir’s performing tonight at Harbourfront, so it’s time to head out for soundcheck. Happy Friday, Internet!

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