Farewell, 28

It’s my last day as a twenty-eight year old! When I wake up tomorrow, I will be 29. Rumour has it that’s a good year, in general. It’s going to have to work prettttty hard to top what came before it.

This year I:

  • levelled up to Librarian III
  • got married!!!!
  • started running and ran a 5k
  • got my G2 license

As well, I:

  • wrote a (short) novel as part of National Novel Writing Month
  • went hiking in the Lakes district
  • volunteered for my first political campaign
  • saw a little more of America, travelling to DC, Baltimore, Austin, and Charleston, with lovely friends at every stop!
  • sang all over town with my beloved choir

There were low points as well. Someday the beginning of a great joke will start with the story of how I actually hit another car on the way to get my drivers’ license. People whom I love very much struggled. Sometimes I was my best self to help them. Sometimes it was really hard to be present, and helpful, and loving and I could have done better. These moments are documented as well, just a little more privately.

I would characterize my state of being at the end of this year as calmed. No one has ever used this word to describe me, but it’s starting to be true. I feel more centred than I have in a long time, maybe ever. Wedding planning was not a calming experience, but being married very much is. Running is a huge part of that.

I haven’t dreamed up many lofty goals for next year. Running more! Getting more self-directed projects off the ground at work! Being a good and useful human! Will report back more regularly, I hope.


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