Injured & sulking

If you’ve spoken to me lately, you’re probably aware of my new found obsession with running. I started out with Couch to 5k in June, ran my first 5k in September, and have been able to talk and think about almost nothing else in recent weeks. It’s a bit of a problem, but mostly for those who have to listen to me.

My birthday came around, and everyone knew what to get me: running gear! My mom sent me to the Runner Shop, where I ran up and down the hallway in a half dozen pair of stability shoes before finally conceding that the ugly Asics GT 3000s were absolutely perfect. Alas, I do not have the feet for all of the much cooler shoes.

I also got a Running Room giftcard from some kind friends, and after reading every single Reddit post and DC Rainmaker review, I decided I really wanted a running watch, and specifically I really wanted the Garmin Forerunner 220 (well, I really wanted the 620…but even gadget-loving me knew that was too much oomph for my level).

This weekend is the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, and I’m signed up to do the 5k. After the whole phone-in-running-belt logistical confusion of my last race, I really wanted to get the watch and get in a couple of test runs with it before the race. And on Tuesday, it was mine.


The glorious new Garmin, ready to go.

Yep, on Tuesday it was mine. But unfortunately, on Monday some weird glute pain became mine during an easy morning run. It felt like a soreness that might sort itself out, and then it didn’t. In addition to the watch I bought myself a foam roller (ahhhhh), and I rolled the hell out of the sore spot, and sat on an ice pack, and went to pilates, and took the subway instead of riding my bike to work, and generally behaved myself very well. No running for more than 72 hours! And it was starting to feel better! And with only 72 hours to go until the race, I thought I’d take myself out for a test run. Plus, oh man, I wanted to try out the watch so badly.

And this is what happened:


Yep. I ran for less than 8 minutes and gave up. My legs felt fantastic after the three day break, and the temperature was lovely. In the first couple of minutes I was thinking I actually felt better than I did at rest. And then what had been a variety of types of soreness became, in addition to that soreness, a sort of tickling numbness, the kind of weird, uncomfortable feeling that says “hey, what’s up? I’m a nerve.”

So: It looks like I have a textbook case of piriformis syndrome. Quite a few people claim it sorts itself out through strengthening and stretching. I am hoping that’s the case, but also contemplating a doctor’s appointment to get a physiotherapist referral next week. Probably good to have that handy anyway, right?

So here I am sitting at home, full of unspent energy and disappointment. It seems highly likely I won’t be able to run this weekend. I know there are lots of other racing opportunities, and that resting is really the best choice. But boooooooo. I feel like I’m being punished for having picked up the best habit ever.



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