Bye, 2014

I have been trying to throw out our 2014 TVO calendar for days, but it’s still here on the counter. There’s nothing left there that I need a reminder of except, of course, a whole year of events I want to remember. I thought I’d jot down some events that stuck out, just so I’d have a record.

January: Raptors game. The first conference I’ve been a planner for came to fruition and went pretty well.

February: Started taking Turkish lessons. Taught a social media workshop at the iSchool.

March: Went to Kansas City for the first Library Publishing Forum. Took a marriage preparation course. Went to Austin to present at ER&L with Meg Ecclestone.

April: Hosted many friends for dinner. Had my first trip to Langdon Hall for tea. Went to my first wine show.

May: Got married! Went on a hiking honeymoon in the UK. Best month!

Couple in wedding garb seated on a bench smiling at the camera

Awww, pretty nice, right?


June: Started running. Enjoyed Field Trip, a visit to Henry of Pelham with Meg and Scott, and then a sojourn to Charleston for the DH in Libraries conference. Bonus visits with Mimi Luse, who’s moved south.

July: According to the calendar this was a pretty quiet months. Nice dinners with friends, and I got a Nexus card. Big leagues!

August: Hosted Jon’s sister and our niece for a visit. Went to Peterborough to see the Constantines.

September: Ran my first race (Longboat 5k), passed my driving test. Spent a glorious weekend with friends at a cottage on the Trent Severn.

October: Turned 29. Ran the Scotiabank 5k. Tore my glute. Mourned. Elected a new mayor (well, I didn’t do that part, but it got done, and in the end, thank goodness).

Scotiabank 5k stats



November: This is another quiet one. Mostly I couldn’t run, and was miserable about it.

December: Hosted a big work event. Hosted a Christmas party with a hot chocolate bar and carolling (i.e. it was exactly what I wanted), attended many parties, re-joined a gym, began running in tiny baby steps. That was enough.

The truth, of course, is that you mostly only put the nice things in the calendar, save the dentist appointments and vegetable pick-up reminders (also nice). This year brought a couple of big challenges, and they’re not solved yet. I am grateful to have a whole new year to work through them.

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