I’m coming for you, March!

I love new beginnings of any and all sorts (well, except birthdays). When a new week and a new month start together, I get especially excited about the possibilities. Hello, March!

Today I only wanted to stay inside and look at the internet, but I kicked myself out the door, and found that my legs had never felt more ready. For the first time since I was on Couch to 5k, it was my lungs holding me back, rather than my muscles. And in the end, I had three astonishing new records!

Screenshot of a watch face. It reads: "Records: 1 km 4:53.86 Today"

wow, Jacqueline, how did you do this!?

…Until I looked at my Strava map and saw that, although I’d been getting a green-is-go GPS signal, there was a good amount of this in the first kilometre:

screenshot of a map. A red line indicates where I have run. The red line is very jagged and spiky, and does not match up with the road.

well, self, I guess I didn’t.

What the hell, Garmin??

The good news is, I was so excited after that speedy first kilometre (liiiies), I mostly managed to run a pretty fast, even series of splits:

Screenshot of my pace per kilometre from Strava, where each kilometre is a bar representing a length of time. The first kilometre is much shorter, but the rest are fairly even.


And spurred by that excitement (liiiies), I felt I needed to do other exciting things, so I purchased You Need a Budget, which I’ve been trialing and enjoying, and finally opened an account with Tangerine bank, the first step in getting out from under the yoke of CIBC (speaking of liiiies).

Anyway, happy Sunday! I hope you were able to channel the untruths of this ruthless world into something productive, or at least fun.




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